Berlin, 4 August 2020:
Kristjan Järvi releases Nordic Escapes album featuring Baltic Sea Philharmonic

  • Conductor/composer/producer’s new release on BMG’s Modern Recordings label is his first album of self-composed music

  • Album includes Aurora with Baltic Sea Philharmonic and violinist David Nebel, recorded in St. Petersburg on orchestra’s 2019 ‘Nordic Pulse’ tour

  • Recording also features London Symphony Orchestra, Robot Koch and Nordic Pulse Ensemble – a group including musicians from the Baltic Sea Philharmonic

Berlin, 4 August 2020. Kristjan Järvi’s new album Nordic Escapes is out on 7 August 2020 and features the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and Swiss violinist David Nebel on the track Aurora. The new recording is being released on Modern Recordings, the BMG label devoted to neo-classical, jazz and electronic music. Nordic Escapes is Järvi’s first complete album of self-composed music, uniting his talents as composer, conductor and producer.

Journey into the north

Inspired by the sounds, people and landscapes of the north, Kristjan Järvi takes the listener on a captivating musical journey, merging electronic textures and orchestral soundscapes. It’s a journey that, on a personal level, illuminates the Estonian-born Järvi’s reconnection with his Nordic homeland after many years of living in the US, and on an elemental level explores and celebrates the power and beauty of nature. ‘One of the problems we have today is that people feel disconnected from nature and from each other,’ he says. ‘I think we need to feel ourselves again as part of nature and as part of the big picture. Nordic Escapes connects the listener to music and nature.’

Aurora, the track on the album that features the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and solo violinist David Nebel, evokes both the Northern Lights (the aurora borealis) and the short, colourful Nordic summers. Diatonic sequences, dancing rhythms and flowing, repeating patterns combine in an uplifting work that’s full of light, warmth and vitality. The track was recorded in St. Petersburg in March 2019 during the Baltic Sea Philharmonic’s ‘Nordic Pulse’ tour of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Russia. Aurora is now a signature piece of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, and the orchestra has performed it on numerous recent tours. Aurora will form part of the upcoming ‘Nordic Pulse’ tour of Italy and Germany in September.

David Nebel is also the soloist on another track from the new album, Nebula, in which Järvi conducts the London Symphony Orchestra. Five of the album’s tracks feature Kristjan Järvi’s Nordic Pulse Ensemble, among whose ranks are musicians who are part of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, including, for example, violinist Mari-Liis Urb and bassoonist Jakob Peäske, both from Estonia. The album closes with a remix of Nebula by Los Angeles-based German producer/composer Robot Koch.

Orchestra and conductor reunited

Järvi’s atmospheric melding of electronics and orchestral music can also be experienced in the Baltic Sea Philharmonic’s new music video ‘Midnight Mood’, a reimagining of Grieg’s ‘Morning Mood’ from Peer Gynt. The first in the orchestra’s series of remix videos for its new online project ‘Musical Chain’, ‘Midnight Mood’ is available to watch now on the Baltic Sea Philharmonic’s social media channels.

Kristjan Järvi and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic are due to return to the stage next month with two ‘Nordic Pulse’ concerts, at the Merano Music Festival in Italy on 10 September and the Usedom Music Festival in Germany on 12 September. The performances, which will go ahead depending on the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic and also on travel regulations and local authority requirements, include music by Kristjan Järvi, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Beethoven, Sibelius, Gediminas Gelgotas and Robot Koch, all performed by the orchestra completely by heart.

Baltic Sea Philharmonic – a revolution in music and culture

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic takes the orchestral concert experience to a new dimension. Every performance is a voyage of musical discovery, as the musicians perform the entire programme from memory, creating a one-of-a-kind artistic journey. Each concert is a unique spectacle of sound, light, visual art and technology, and under the electrifying baton of Music Director and Founding Conductor Kristjan Järvi every performance has a special energy that’s absolutely infectious. But even more than this, as a community of musicians from ten Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic transcends boundaries and has become a movement for bringing people together. Embodying all that is innovative and progressive about the Nordic region, this visionary ensemble is taking the traditional orchestral model further than ever before. ‘It is a living breathing creature, with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the new – an adventure in itself,’ says Kristjan Järvi.