About Baltic Sea Philharmonic

» The orchestra has an explicit social dimension, which really struck me as important «
Max Richter

Imagine what an orchestra can do. Then come to one of our concerts and we will blow your mind. We’ll immerse you in a world of sound, light, choreography, digital art and technology. Performing free of scores and music stands, we turn the stage into a hub of irrepressible energy, fizzing with infinite creative impulses.  

We’re musicians from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden, united under the baton of Kristjan Järvi. We improvise, we compose, we sing, dance and play. We take audiences on unforgettable journeys. Give us your ears and eyes, open your mind and heart, and you’ll never think the same about an orchestra again.

Dare to be different
» The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a living breathing creature, with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the new – an adventure in itself «
Kristjan Järvi

Kristjan Järvi is our Music Director and Founding Conductor. As a composer, producer, arranger and conductor, he lives and breathes music, using its power to create spaces in which anything is possible.

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