Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation e.V.

We established the Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation e. V. (BMEF) in 2013 to underpin our vision of being a training hub for the entire Baltic Sea region. We’re the only orchestra bringing together young professional musicians and music students from all ten Baltic Sea countries. Music and education are engines for social and individual development, and our special approach to orchestral playing and training is creating innovative leaders and professionals and strengthening community through greater understanding and self-awareness.

» Once you taste this spirit of ingenuity, brilliance and innovation, there is nothing else to do than to carry it with you through your life «
Vida Bobin (Poland) – violin

4,000 music students have applied to play with us
1,300 musicians have trained under Kristjan Järvi and his team
110,000 concertgoers have experienced what we do at
108 concerts in 14 countries and 21 music festivals.
This is the story of our success since 2008.

Support us

We can only do everything we do with the support of music lovers. You can help us train more young students by becoming a sponsor for one or more musicians to join the orchestra. Your donation will support our mission to give talented students from across the Baltic Sea region a transformative opportunity to play and train together. 

You can support the Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation today

Our bank details:

Sparkasse Mittelmosel – Eifel Mosel Hunsrück
Account holder: Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation e.V.
IBAN: DE59 5875 1230 0032 4259 69


If you need a tax receipt for your donation, just let us know.

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