Talent Tour

Be part of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic adventure and get ready to change the way you think about music. Feel a new level of freedom, inspiration and energy, and improve yourself – not only as a musician, but also on a personal level. Dare to be different and apply now for our Talent Tour 2019!

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is on a mission to bring people together through music. We want the best talents and the brightest musical personalities from across the Baltic Sea region to join us. Are you an open-minded, imaginative musician who loves to explore new ideas and approaches to performing? You don’t need to be perfect to become part of our family, but you should love what you do and be passionate about challenging musical boundaries. Come and play your favourite piece for us and experience a full orchestra rehearsal on our Talent Tour. We’ll know if you are going to fit right in.

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic Talent Tour  is open to music students who are

  • 18 to 28 years old
  • string, wind, brasspercussion or piano players
  • residents of, or who hold a passport from, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia or Sweden
  • international students enrolled in a music academy in one of the ten above-mentioned countries for 2018–2019 (regardless of nationality)

Talent Tour procedure

Our Talent Tour is different from other orchestra auditions. In a first round, applicants audition individually in front of panel of Baltic Sea Philharmonic principal musicians and conductor Kristjan Järvi. Kristjan and the principals decide together which applicants have the talent and the personality to thrive the orchestra. Musicians who successfully complete the first round will be invited to play in a joint orchestra rehearsal.

Talent Tour 2019

The Talent Tour 2019 with Talent Days through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia and Germany is finished. Read more about here. For 2020 there are no fixed Talent Days planned yet. Please follow us via our newsletter and our Social Media channels for updates. If you have any questions regarding the Talent Tour, send uns an email to auditions@bmef.eu.