Talent Tour – Rules and Regulations

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic Talent Tour is based on the following terms and conditions.

  • All applicants for the Baltic Sea Philharmonic must be between the ages of 18 and 28.
  • Applicants must hold a passport from one of the following ten countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia or Sweden, and must be enrolled in a music academy anywhere in the world.
  • Alternatively, applicants can be international students enrolled in a music academy in one of the ten countries of the Baltic Sea region (regardless of their nationality).
  • All applicants must apply by filling out the online application form.
  • The application process is currently closed.
  • All applicants must audition in person at one of the scheduled
  • All applicants will be informed by email concerning invitations to the Talent Days.
  • When scheduling allows it, Talent Days for the Baltic Sea Philharmonic will be held in two rounds – first round (individual pre-audition) and second round (audition as a joint rehearsal with the orchestra).
  • The repertoire for the first round is a solo piece of your own choice that is 5 to 10 minutes long. We won’t provide a pianist; however, accompanied pieces or concerto movements can be performed solo. In addition, we will request a short excerpt from our tour repertoire, which will be announced along with the Talent Day invitations.
  • The repertoire for the second round (joint rehearsal) is consists of the tour repertoire for the tour taking place parallel to the Talent Tour.
  • The joint rehearsal of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic will be open to public; therefore, all interested musicians are invited to listen, even if they are not auditioning themselves.

Applicants will audition individually in front of a panel of Baltic Sea Philharmonic principal musicians and conductor Kristjan Järvi. Kristjan and the principals will decide together which applicants have the talent and the personality to thrive in the orchestra. All orchestra members are cordially invited to listen to the first-round auditions.

  • Depending on the number of applications, it will be decided at a later date whether all applicants will perform for the entire panel or will be divided into groups according to instruments.
  • In the joint rehearsal, the applicants will rehearse together with the orchestra and Kristjan Järvi as tutti musicians.
  • Info for accessing the repertoire for the joint orchestra rehearsal will be sent to applicants after we have announced the invitations.
  • The decision of the panel in selecting players is final and the applicants will be informed by email about whether they have been selected as possible members of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic.
  • Applicants will not be reimbursed for their travel expenses to the Talent Tour. In cases of special needs, a contribution may be arranged at the discretion of the management. Once you have been accepted as applicant, please send an email with an explanation (do not forget your name, audition venue and instrument) to auditions@bmef.eu.
  • The days of our Talent Tour are extremely busy and candidates not turning up can cause considerable delay to the schedule. Therefore, if applicants do not turn up without prior notice (minimum 7 days in advance), Baltic Sea Philharmonic will not invite those applicants again for future Talent Tours.
  • Successful applicants may be invited to all or some of Baltic Sea Philharmonic tours, depending on repertoire requirements. During the tours, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic will pay a stipend, as well as cover participants’ travel expenses, accommodation expenses and all meals.