Our New Branding

Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation, Balitc Sea Philharmonic and Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic have a new logo and colours, which we will be rolling out across all our communications in the next few weeks and months. The original idea is simple and magical – take the five lines of the musical stave, tilt and shorten each of them, and you arrive at a map of the ten Baltic Sea states that make up our orchestras. The message of music connecting the ten states is the very heart of our mission, and our new logo represents that.

The branding has been designed by German design company Brousse and Ruddigkeit. Raban Ruddigkeit explains the philosophy behind the project: ‘For this holistic concept of connecting intercultural issues with the power of music we developed a design system consisting of logos, graphics and colours. When musicians from the ten Baltic Sea states meet, more than music happens. Dialogues and meetings drive new perspectives and knowledge. Our concept is about the stave and a new interaction between the five lines, which open ten spaces in total. We arrange them in a star based on the Baltic Sea map and highlight it with a colour palette also taken from the flags of the Baltic Sea countries.’

Watch the video of how the musical stave transforms into our new logo