Interview with Vladimir Pogoretsky

Vladimir Pogoretsky was Concertmaster of the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic from 2008 to 2011. He has worked as concertmaster and as a soloist under the baton of renowned conductors worldwide, winning major prizes along the way. Currently he works as Concertmaster of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Orchestra in St. Petersburg and also of the St Petersburg State Capella Orchestra. In this interview, Vladimir talks about the inspiration he has received from BYP.

You play at outstanding venues and orchestras in Russia and worldwide. What are the differences between BYP and your current jobs?
BYP is a great international community that has created a lot of fantastic connections for me. That was an awesome aspect that I’m really missing now. The combination of all those different cultures, nations and schools gave sometimes unpredictable but always very remarkable results. What I love about my new position is the variety of the repertoire because I have an opportunity to play operas, ballets, choral music, symphonic music, and of course chamber music. In this way I feel I get the chance to embrace a huge part of the music world.

What did your friends and colleagues say when you started your work with BYP to carry the ‘Sound of the Baltic Sea’ to the world?
After I told them about our work in BYP they were so inspired they really wanted to become a part of it too.

How has BYP inspired you?
It literally opened a door to a new world for me. The coaches at BYP helped me to look at the music from a different angle and hear it in a new way. That’s what I’m so thankful for. I learned how important discipline and goal setting is. Sometimes I took on projects that seemed impossible, but when I succeeded with them it made me understand that nothing is impossible actually.

What gives you the strength to go ahead?
Energy wise it’s very motivating when you play with young musicians and each of them dedicates 100% of themselves to the music. And when Kristjan Järvi adds his energy as well it makes a great energetic mix of sound and harmony – a really ecstatic feeling!

A major aim of BYP is to carry the ‘Sound of the Baltic Sea’ to the world. What does it mean to you?
Every time I get involved with the ‘Sound of the Baltic Sea’ I feel so excited that I want to share this excitement with the world. I hope I manage to do it or at least give a piece of my inspiration to the world to help make it a better place.

What BYP experiences will you pass on?
Mostly it’s about the way our violin coach worked with us, the way he taught us to think our music through, to polish it, to pay attention to every single detail. He did it with a calm, tolerant approach and he always found the right language with which to speak to everyone. His name is Jan Bjøranger and he was and still is very much a role model in this sense for me.