BYP and Nord Stream – Cross-Cultural Teamwork

Without the partnership and support of Nord Stream AG, the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic simply would not be possible. Since its inception in 2008, BYP has impacted positively on the lives of hundreds of music students across the entire Baltic Sea region. This is made possible also due to our co-initiator and on-going main sponsor, Nord Stream, operator of the natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea. But BYP has also impacted on Nord Stream. Here they are telling us their side of our joint success story.

Like the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, Nord Stream has grown from an ambitious multi-national project into a well-established success story in less than a decade. Nord Stream was set up in 2006 with the mission to design, plan, construct and operate two 1,200 km gas pipelines through the Baltic Sea, passing through the waters of five countries. The two new pipelines were operational on time and on budget and have the capacity to transport 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year to Europe, for at least 50 years.

The project’s employees and partners from across Europe have worked closely together to develop and deliver innovative engineering and logistic solutions across national frontiers.

In 2008, in the early planning phase of the project, Nord Stream was approached by the Usedom Music Festival to help found an orchestra of young players from around the Baltic Sea. The company had no hesitation in agreeing to the proposal and has supported the orchestra ever since. The BYP and Nord Stream are a good fit: as a major infrastructure project in the Baltic Sea region, Nord Stream has always been aware of its responsibilities, and the company supports various cultural, scientific and environmental initiatives that benefit the Baltic Sea region and its people.

Now, nearly a decade later, both the BYP and Nord Stream are well-established and have fulfilled their founders’ high expectations.

Both the BYP and Nord Stream have proved to be innovative and both have succeeded through cross-cultural teamwork and close collaboration across national frontiers. Both stand for many of the same values: craftsmanship and professionalism, precision, teamwork and respect. Both have created something valuable and much-appreciated where nothing existed before.

Nord Stream has won many awards for various aspects of its business and this year is particularly pleased to see the European Cultural Prize of the European Foundation for Culture ‘Pro Europe’ awarded to the orchestra that it has supported since its inception. The citation for the BYP’s award reads ‘for their contribution to international cooperation in the Baltic Sea region’ – something which Nord Stream has also tried to do!

The company particularly appreciates the dedication and passion of Kristjan Järvi, the orchestra’s Founding Conductor and Music Director, and Thomas Hummel, Director of the Usedom Music Festival. Nord Stream and its partners regularly attend BYP concerts and invariably enjoy the stirring inspirational performances by the orchestra’s talented young musicians from across the Baltic Sea region.