Solidarity with Ukraine

We strongly condemn the invasion of Ukraine

We strongly condemn the invasion of Ukraine.

Our thoughts and solidarity are with the peaceful people of Ukraine, which includes many friends and relatives of our musicians.

We stand for hope and unity in Europe and have discontinued all ties with all entities supporting this type of aggression.

This community of musicians from the Baltic Sea region, from Norway to Russia, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a movement uniting people since 2008. As a flagship for cooperation we are more than an orchestra, building bridges at the best and worst of times contributing to cultural and social understanding and reconciliation throughout Europe.

Our Music Director Kristjan Järvi, who is an Estonian citizen fled his country as a child due to the soviet occupation. He knows the devastation of this type of aggression first hand. Together our aim is to create a forum to overcome our differences and prosper. We will continue to strive to connect everyone through our shared values, dignity and respect for humanity.