Quarrel as a reason for sex

Men and women can use a quarrel for sex. In family life, scandals suddenly begin to arise on trifles, and the guy more often turns out to be the initiator.

It begins to annoy everyday life, work, food, and a woman is always to blame. One fine day, when there is too much negativity, the woman begins to answer, and everything develops into a scandal. The unexpected consequence of such a scandal is stormy sex, as a result, the guy again becomes calm and tender, but this scares.

This behavior is characteristic of anneas, who needs a scandal for sexual desire, like alcoholics for happiness - alcohol. If the anger does not understand the essence of the problem, the scandals will continue. Soon a woman will notice these oddities, but something will be difficult to do with them, because a reward is sex of dreams.

Such a symptom is also called a complex of Nero, who deliberately quarreled with his wife for excitation. Excitation due to a quarrel is associated with sexologists with an increase in the level of testosterone in the blood.

The reason for using a quarrel for sex can be in forgotten sexual fantasies or education problems. Gozer, boys are interested in girls, and often those who behave more frankly in sexual terms. The guy does not always start a relationship with her. In the future, a man represents the one that he dreamed of taming as an incentive for sex. That is why it provokes a quarrel. In this case, the problem is solved simply, a woman can play along with a man and liberate, begin to practice new poses and types of sex.

Worse, when the cause of this behavior is an injury or problem of education. Often this happens in incomplete families, in this case, femininity manifests itself. The woman is bad, it is necessary to behave strictly with her, which means that it is necessary to be satisfied with strict perverted methods.

Similar sex or refusal of it only adds confidence. In this case, this behavior is classified as the behavior of a novice maniac who needs the help of a doctor. Fortunately, this is a rarity.

If a man is excited only through a quarrel, then this is a complex of Nero, to which you can adopt. You can and quietly try to find out other pathogens. Not always a woman wants to correct such behavior, she may be rudeness, and in return to receive gifts and ideal behavior of her husband for a long period. Are you tired of competing with a random number generator? Then this category is exactly what you need. It offers a wide range of slot machines operated by real people, usually called dealers. Favbet Casino gameplay takes place in real time, here you can use real bets - demo mode is not offered. To provide customers with good conditions, special rooms have been created, customers can watch dealers using special cameras and communicate with them in online chat. Feel like a client of some popular land-based casino in Las Vegas.