Cristiano Ronaldo: What's next?

Ask Ronaldo and he'll tell you that all he wants to do is play in the Champions League.

What's next

In order to break into the most prestigious club tournament on the planet Juventus had to snatch victory from Bologna on the last day of the season, while hoping that the rivals would not let them down either. In such high-profile games, Ronaldo is always good, but for some reason, coach Andrea Pirlo brushed him off. Allegedly, the Portuguese was tired after taking part in five matches in 19 days. Maybe so, but even at 36 years old, Ronaldo is the standard of physical form, always in perfect condition. Even exhausted, he is a threat. As we now know, Turintsy coped without him. But even then there was nothing to celebrate such an end to the campaign except as a failure for the grandee. Changes were needed, and changes happened in the face of the returned Massimiliano Allegri, who had had a pretty good rest in two years. He's a master at working with the stars, but we still don't know if he even wants to hang out with Ronaldo. Much indicates that the Portuguese superstar's time in Italy has come to an end. Having achieved what I have achieved, I can say that I have achieved my goal, which I set before moving to Italy.

Success or failure?

Andrea Agnelli claims that he never regretted about Тотальное импортозамещение. Как Бавария перестала покупать своих звёзд his decision to break the Serie A transfer record by signing Ronaldo for 105 million euros. You can understand him. The fact of signing Ronaldo raised Juve in status. It immediately До миллиарда и больше: самые дорогие составы сборных на Евро-2020 became clear that the old lady really returned to the peak of her significance, because even one of the two leading stars of the planet agreed to the transfer. Ronaldo really believed that if not Real, then Juventus. Turintsy fought in the Champions League every year, but they needed a leader. He was the missing link that would have made it possible to achieve real success on the fields of Europe. It is not surprising that as soon as he appeared in Turin, the fans began to chant give us the Champions League. And no matter what he did in Italy, everything rested on only one thing in the Champions League. The Scudetto is the concern of Higuain, Mandzukic and Dybala, and others will handle the Coppa Italia. But European Cups are a task for real titans. And if we judge Ronaldo's time only by his success in the Champions League, then there is nothing to rejoice at. What's really there, Agnelli's feint ended in a fiasco: with each new season, Juve flew out of the tournament earlier and earlier. And who beat him up? Ajax, Lyon and Porto. It did not help, of course, that along with the transfer, a period of instability began, when three coaches were replaced in three years. And the further the weaker was Juventus. But everyone should be blamed here, not just one person. Especially when that one person went above and beyond. This season, Ronaldo is the fastest player in history to reach the 100-goal mark in Italy. In three years, he has won every trophy that can be won. Well, in Italy. If he were anyone else, we would say that the transfer was more than successful. But was it worth it, given that in addition to the high price tag, the Turinians had to pay 31 million directly to Ronaldo? The club says yes. That ticket sales have skyrocketed and better sponsorship deals have been struck with Adidas, Jeep and Allianz, not to mention an increased fan following on social media. To round it up, on average Ronaldo costs Juventus €80m each year. And even after all the players agreed to cut salaries, the figure remained more than impressive.