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Poker is part of human history and we can prove it. Yes, it is possible to trace the origin of poker in all its variations, because cards are used in many games, and poker is just one of them.

According to what some studies suggest, the game was born in China about three thousand years ago, more specifically in 969 AD. The Chinese emperor Mu-tsung and his wife were great enthusiasts of an activity known as "card dominoes," which later became what we know today as poker. More detail on

In addition to the Chinese, the Persians also practiced, and claim, to this day, the birth of the game. Poker eventually passed from nation to nation, which was essential in making it known around the world.

Now that you know a little more about how poker came about, let's understand how to play in this definitive guide that Betsson has prepared for you.


What does a game of poker look like?

Poker requires a minimum of two players and a maximum of ten. At the table, the rule changes, and can be played by up to eight players.

The dealer, responsible for dealing the cards in the game, is always the player who drew the highest card in the deck. He is the one who hands out the cards to each of the players, and the player to the left of the dealer makes a blind bet, without seeing the cards on the table, and so the game begins.

The bet must be at least half the amount pre-established before the start of the game. The next player in the round doubles the initial bet, and then the next player decides whether to pay the minimum bet, increase the bet, or fold before knowing what cards are on the table.

Remember, every time a player raises, the next player must either match the bet or fold. If you have any questions about the rules, Betsson can help you by clicking here.

What are the important concepts of poker?

Before you start playing, it is important to understand what the game concepts are and what each one means. This will help you to be even more confident when betting and, of course, avoid possible mistakes.

Remember that these terms may be different in other regions, so it is always important to be aware, ok?

A poker game involves many factors, from each one of the players, who may not be in a good psychological state to face the bets, as well as the cards that are dealt and even the game method itself, whether it is physical or online, as is the case here at Betsson.

A good preparation is essential to achieve good results at the table and avoid losses in your bets. Therefore, always keep an eye on non-verbal languages, such as body language, for example, which can help you understand if the opponent is nervous or showing that he is losing the game.

Learn some of the concepts:

  • Dealer - The person responsible for distributing the cards of the game and as an advantage, is the last to place bets, so can analyze the game well before making any decisions.
  • Dark - After the dealer, players are required to make a bet in the dark, without first seeing what cards are placed on the table.
  • Rounds - Each game is divided into four rounds: Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, and River.
  • Pre-Flop - Each player is dealt two cards and no one can see them.
  • Flop - Here the player bets his cards on the table to the other players, and then the betting begins.
  • Turn - Another card is opened on the table and new bets are made.
  • River - The last card on the table and the last round of betting.

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