Talent Tour – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have put together the most frequently asked questions regarding the Talent Tour 2019. If you have any further question, please email to auditions@bmef.eu.

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Conditions and Timeline

What are the conditions for participating in the Talent Tour 2019?
All applicants for the Baltic Sea Philharmonic must be aged between 18 and 28. Applicants must hold a passport from one of the following ten Baltic Sea countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia or Sweden, and must be enrolled in a music academy anywhere in the world. Alternatively, applicants can be international students enrolled in a music academy in one of the ten countries of the Baltic Sea region (regardless of their nationality).

What are the dates of the Talent Tour 2019?
The Talent Tour 2019 will be held in two periods: in March 2019 and in June 2019

Friday, 8 March 2019, Palanga, Lithuania
Wednesday, 13 March 2019, Riga, Latvia
Friday, 15 March 2019, Tallinn, Estonia
Monday, 18 March 2019, Helsinki, Finland
Tuesday, 19 March 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia
Wednesday, 27 June 2018, Berlin, Germany

Is there an administration fee for the Talent Tour?
No, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Talent Tour is free of charge.

What is the deadline for applications?
The application deadline for the Talent Tour in Mach is 5 February 2019. For the Talent Day in Berlin the application deadline is 15 May 2019.

I registered successfully to the Talent Tour. When will I receive further instructions including my audition time?
All applicants will be informed by email by 15 February 2019 concerning invitations and time slot to the Talent Days in March and by 31 May 2019 regarding the Talent Day in Berlin.

I received an audition date, but am unfortunately unable to attend. What should I do?
As there are many people involved in the Talent Tour, please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend or are delayed. Applicants who do not appear at their allotted time without prior notice (7 days in advance) will not be invited again to Baltic Sea Philharmonic Talent Tours.

I would like to audition with another instrument as well, is that possible?
Yes, of course. If you wish to audition with a second instrument, please choose the corresponding option in our online application form.

What happens if I am not invited to the Talent Tour?
Each year, a large number of musicians applies to be a part of Baltic Sea Philharmonic. In some cases, we need to select who will be invited and who will not. Unfortunately, we are unable to invite you if you do not match the terms and conditions to become a musician of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. In case you should not be invited to the Talent Tour, please feel free to come and listen to the auditions even if you are not auditioning yourself, as our Talent Tour will be held as open auditions.

Preparation for the Talent Tour

What kind of piece should I choose for the first-round audition?
The repertoire for the first round is a solo piece of your own choice that is 5 to 10 minutes long. We will not provide a pianist but accompanied pieces or concerto movements can be performed solo.

What do I need to rehearse for the second round of the Talent Tour, the joint orchestra rehearsal? When and where do I get the scores?
Musicians who successfully complete the first-round audition will be invited to play in a joint orchestra rehearsal for the ‘Nordic Pulse’ tour of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic in March 2019 as tutti musicians.
A link for downloading the repertoire for the joint orchestra rehearsal will be sent to you after we have received your application.

I am not sure if I have the right musical level. Should I apply for the Talent Tour nonetheless? 
The Talent Tour of Baltic Sea Philharmonic are very competitive. You should only apply if you are on an advanced level of musical education. Orchestra experience is also essential. If you have any doubts, please discuss this with your music teacher. But as our Talent Tour will be held as open auditions, please feel free to come and listen to the auditions even if you are not participating yourself.

Will you assist in travel booking to the Talent Tour?
All applicants need to make their own travel arrangements for the Talent Tour. Therefore, we kindly advise you to make flexible travel arrangements or to wait until you know the specific date and time of your audition. Please also note that applicants will not be reimbursed for their travel expenses to the Talent Days.

Is it possible to be reimbursed for transport or accommodation costs?
Applicants will not be reimbursed for their travel expenses to the Talent Tour.

I would like to audition but cannot afford the travel. Can you support me?
In cases of special needs, a contribution may be arranged at the discretion of the management. Please send an email with an explanation (do not forget your name, audition venue and instrument) prior to the application deadlines to auditions@bmef.eu.

Procedure of the Talent Days

Will I audition alone or in a group?
In general, applying musicians will be auditioning for the panel of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic principal musicians and conductor Kristjan Järvi alone. Depending on the location and number of applicants, you might also audition in groups. Musicians who successfully complete the first round will be invited to play in a joint orchestra rehearsal for the ‘Nordic Pulse’ tour of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic in March 2019. Please note that the Talent Days in Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Berlin will be first-round auditions only.

Will there be an audience at the Talent Tour?
We aim to hold the Talent Tour as open auditions. All interested music students are invited to listen to the auditions even if not auditioning themselves to experience how Kristjan Järvi and our principals work together with the musicians. However, please note that we will ensure that the audience does not interrupt your audition and you can fully concentrate on your playing.

Who is on the panel?
Our principal musicians of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and conductor Kristjan Järvi will conduct the Talent Tour. The principals are musicians who not only have extraordinary playing skills but have also been part of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic for years and are the leaders of their respective music section. With their experience, talent and personality they are the right ‘Talent Scouts’ and will know if you are going to fit right in the Baltic Sea Philharmonic also.

What documents are required for the Talent Tour?
Please bring your ID card to the Talent Day as proof of residence. In case you do not hold a passport from one of the ten states around the Baltic Sea (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia or Sweden), please also bring proof that you are currently studying in one of the ten countries, for example your Student ID.
In addition to your ID, of course please do forget your own sheet music and your instrument(s).

Will there be warm-up rooms at the location of the Talent Tour?
We will try to provide a room for a short warm up at each location.

When should I arrive onsite?
Please plan to arrive at least 60 minutes before your audition time. Make sure you allow yourself extra travel time and look out for any possible traffic or weather delays.

Talent Tour Results

When will the results of the Talent Tour be announced?
You will be informed no later than 1 April 2019 for the Talent Tour in March and no later than 15 July 2019 for the Talent Day in Berlin whether they have been selected as possible members of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic.

What happens if I am not successful?
Please do not despair. We assume high participation numbers and a selection has to be made. We encourage you to try again in our next Talent Tour.

If I have been selected for Talent Tour 2019, will I be invited for all projects in 2019?
Successful applicants may be invited to all or some of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic tours following the ‘Nordic Pulse’ tour in March 2019, depending on repertoire requirements.

When are the Baltic Sea Philharmonic periods in 2019 and 2020?
For 2019 three concert tours are currently planned. However, the first tour that successful candidates may be able to join is the ‘Midnight Sun’ tour with violinist Mari Samuelsen through Germany and Austria in June/July 2019. Another opportunity to join the Baltic Sea Philharmonic will be the ‘Divine Geometry’ tour with pianist Simone Dinnerstein of Italy and Germany in September 2019. The periods for 2020 will be announced in November/December 2019.

What is the programme of the ‘Midnight Sun’ tour? And what are the tour dates?
The ‘Midnight Sun’ programme opens with Rautavaara’s Cantus Arcticus, his concerto for birds and orchestra that features taped birdsong recorded around the Arctic Circle and in the marshlands of Liminka in northern Finland. Norwegian violinist Mari Samuelsen then joins the orchestra to perform four works: Kristjan’s Aurora, in a version for violin and orchestra; Arvo Pärt’s Fratres, a classic example of his ‘tintinnabuli’ style; Pēteris Vasks’s Lonely Angel; and Dona Nobis Pacem by Max Richter. ‘Midnight Sun’ climaxes with Stravinsky’s 1945 orchestral version of his great ballet The Firebird. The Baltic Sea Philharmonic will perform the entire programme from memory, bringing a thrilling extra dimension to these scores.

19 June 2019, Arrival to Vlotho, Germany
20-24 June 2019, Rehearsals in Volta
26 June 2019, Concert in Berlin, Germany (Philharmonie)
29 June 2019, Concert in Ossiach, Austria (Carinthian Summer)
2 July 2019, Concert in Hamburg, Germany (Elbphilharmonie)
3 July 2019, Departure from Hamburg, Germany

What is the programme of the ‘Divine Geometry’ tour? And what are the tour dates?
The Baltic Sea Philharmonic and Kristjan Järvi explore the past and present through two distinct musical eras in Divine Geometry’. Contemporary arrangements of music by Baroque masters Bach and Handel share the programme with American minimalist Philip Glass’s Piano Concerto No. 3. Pianist Simone Dinnerstein, who premiered this concerto in September 2017, will be the soloist again for these performances with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. The ‘Divine Geometry’ concert at the Usedom Music Festival will also feature the German premiere of a major new work by another great American minimalist, Steve Reich: his ‘Music for Ensemble and Orchestra’ was co-commissioned by the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

12 September 2019, Arrival in Bad Schussenried, Germany
14-18 September 2019, Rehearsals in Bad Schussenried
20 September 2019, Concert in Merano, Italy
21 September 2019, Concert in Peenemünde, Germany
22 September 2019, Departure from Peenemünde, Germany

Technical Support

The online application is not working. Where can I get assistance?
If the registration process is not working, please send an email to auditions@bmef.eu or call +49 30 297 702 90.