Nordic Swans

» (…) when the atmosphere in the sold-out Philharmonie is so fantastic, when the streams of energy flow so exhilaratingly from the stage into the hall and back! «
Der Tagesspiegel

The swan is a bird we cherish in Nordic culture, and we set you flying with swan-inspired music – from Arvo Pärt’s hymn-like Swansong to Sibelius’s darkly poetic The Swan of Tuonela and Tchaikovsky’s magical Swan Lake, which we play in Kristjan Järvi’s imaginative arrangement as a Dramatic Symphony. 

© Bernd Possardt
© Bernd Possardt
© Bernd Possardt
» The orchestra, in black-and-white tailored suits with little wings on their sleeves, create the kind of luminous atmosphere that moves body and soul, especially so in the case of Kristjan Järvi, who sometimes even jumps on the podium, the notes he conducts vibrating through the muscles of his body, just as they do in the musicians playing them «
Il Manifesto
Watch the Nordic Swans Concert live from Gdańsk in 2022 here

Nordic Swans tour programme

Nordic Swans Tour Programme

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