Nordic Amazonia

Nordic Amazonia takes you on a wondrous voyage from the waters of the Amazon to the Baltic Sea and the high Arctic. Philip Glass's Aguas da Amazonia is influenced by folklore, jazz and New Age elements and was produced in the 1990s for the experimental Brazilian group UAKTI. Kristjan Järvi had known the music for some time when he came across it again on CD and was inspired by the idea of an orchestration. Nordic Amazonia also features pieces from Kristjan Järvi’s 2020 album Nordic Escapes, including Nebula, Aurora, In Horizons and Kirbu Epiphany.

» The music represents how we are from this region, but are also connected to the whole world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the water of the Baltic or the Amazon: everything is connected «
Kristjan Järvi
Watch Nordic Amazonia at the 2022 Pärnu Music Festival here

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