Baltic Sea Philharmonic is more than just about playing in an orchestra, and as part of its annual academy, it offers talented young composers and conductors the rare chance to develop and practise their professional skills.

Alongside the orchestral academy, where students from across the Baltic Sea region come together to study orchestral repertoire, Baltic Sea Music Academy also runs specialist workshops for conductors and composers. These are directed by some of today’s leading practitioners, including Founding Conductor and Music Director Kristjan Järvi, and in collaboration with the orchestra itself.

Conducting Workshop

During the four-day Conducting Workshop, a group of chosen musicians works with Kristjan Järvi, rehearsing the full orchestra under his supervision, as well as watching his conducting and rehearsal techniques in action. They learn about the CD production process as they take part in recording new pieces from the Composition Workshop, and if there is the opportunity, each of them will also conduct the orchestra in concert.

Composition Workshop

The five-day Composition Workshop is led by Daniel Schnyder, a renowned composer and saxophonist with a dynamic reputation in both jazz and classical music. Students benefit from Daniel Schnyder’s hands-on approach to composition and his vast knowledge of styles, traditions and orchestral colours. They work side-by-side with members of the orchestra to understand how best to compose for the instruments of each section. Each student will compose part of a new work, culminating in a performance by the orchestra, and receive direct and constructive feedback from the musicians, coaches and Kristjan Järvi.