Babylon Berlin: Immersing in the Roaring Twenties with BSP

BSP's Babylon Berlin concerts immerse audiences in the vibrant atmosphere of the 1920s, masterfully blending the historical essence of the era with contemporary orchestral brilliance.

Under the direction of Johnny Klimek and Kristjan Järvi, and featuring celebrated artists like Meret Becker and Max Raabe, these performances bring the iconic soundtrack from the original series by X-Filme Creative Pool to life.

This collaboration between ARD-Degeto, Sunbeam Productions, and BMG has culminated in a series of mesmerizing shows at Berlin’s Theater des Westens, captivating live audiences and selling out rapidly. Produced by Sunbeam Productions, the concerts engage a wider audience, reaching over 2 million viewers through a broadcast on ARD.

These musical spectacles are available for streaming on the ARD Mediathek, allowing viewers to dive into the musical and visual splendor of the Weimar era at their convenience.

Babylon Berlin Konzert-Poster

ARD Mediathek

Babylon Berlin in Concert | Video | Erstmals wird der unverwechselbare Soundtrack von 'Babylon Berlin' live inszeniert und interpretiert - mit dem Baltic Sea Philharmonic mit besonderen Gastauftritten u.a. von Meret Becker, Max Raabe, Natalia Mateo und Madame Le Pustra.

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