Baltic Sea Philharmonic releases debut CD

Orchestra releases new recording of Wagner’s compelling universal drama, the Ring Cycle

Baltic Sea Philharmonic has released its first CD, an orchestral version of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, conducted by Founding Conductor and Music Director Kristjan Järvi, on the Sony Classical Label, as part of the Kristjan Järvi Sound Project series.

The work is one of the great love stories of all time, says Kristjan Järvi: ‘The story of the “Ring” is one of a true and universal order, as created through a connection to the earth and the sky that we are all inherently part of. A story of the triumph of love that cannot be undermined by anyone or anything, no matter how hard the interference is; nature and universal harmony will prevail.’

There is also a significant link with the music for members of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic: Wagner spent time in Riga and felt a connection with the Nordic lands and people. Kristjan Järvi explains: ‘This meaningful association to the Baltic Sea and the lands that it connects leads me to contextualise the “Ring” within the spirit of what may have influenced Wagner to create the whole metaphoric idea of the Ring Cycle itself. To me this is and has always has been a specific and differentiating hallmark of all the Nordic people: an earthy way of being that is rooted in living in accordance to the laws of nature and shamanistic beliefs that shape a spirit of emotional innocence, purity, and honesty, which manifest in both darkness and light.’

In this release, the orchestra performs 14 selected highlights from the 4-opera, 16-hour drama, including ‘Das Rheingold’, ‘Die Walküren’, ‘Waldweben’, ‘Siegfried’s Rheinfahrt’ and ‘Siegfried’s Tod’, arranged for orchestra by Henk de Vlieger.

The recording was made at Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum, on the Island of Usedom, which was a military production and test site during the war – the first space rocket was fired from there in 1942 – but now serves as a meeting place and cultural centre serving reconciliation and world peace, a major theme for Baltic Sea Philharmonic.

The recording is available to buy or download on iTunes.