Orchestra’s search for brightest young musical personalities features open auditions in six countries

Just as the Baltic Sea Philharmonic is gearing up for its first tour of 2019 this month – ‘Nordic Pulse’ – it is also on a new recruitment drive. The orchestra’s Talent Tour 2019 seeks out the best and brightest young musicians from across the Nordic region. The Talent Tour runs as open auditions alongside the orchestra’s ‘Nordic Pulse’ tour of the Baltic States, Finland and Russia, and also in June during the orchestra’s ‘Midnight Sun’ tour of Germany. The first day of the series of special Talent Days took place in Palanga (8 March). The tour continues in Riga (13 March), before heading to Tallinn (15 March), Helsinki (18 March) and St. Petersburg (19 March) as well as Berlin (27 June). More than 120 applicants have signed up to take part in this month’s auditions; applications for the Talent Day in Berlin are open until 15 May.

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic regularly auditions talented musicians from throughout the Baltic Sea region in order to renew and refresh the pool of outstanding players who perform with the orchestra on tour. The orchestra works with top conservatoires throughout the region to recruit leading young musicians. Many of these players are residents of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden or Russia, but some may also be international students enrolled at music academies in these ten countries. Integrating the orchestra’s Talent Tour with its ‘Nordic Pulse’ and ‘Midnight Sun’ tours will open up direct access to auditions for students at such prestigious institutions as the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, the St. Petersburg State Conservatory and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn.

The orchestra is introducing a new two-stage audition process this year, giving applicants the chance not only to perform a solo piece but also join a full orchestra rehearsal. Kristjan Järvi and a panel of Baltic Sea Philharmonic principal musicians will together decide which players have the talent and personality to thrive in the orchestra. Giving current players a say in who will join them in the ensemble reflects Kristjan’s mission to empower the musicians of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Successful Talent Tour applicants will get to experience the unique Baltic Sea Philharmonic spirit on tour, and perform innovative programmes under Kristjan Järvi’s baton in Germany, Italy and Hungary in June/July, September and November 2019. Follow the Talent Tour on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter