We would like to invite you to become a supporter of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic and make a contribution to the education of young musicians in the Baltic Sea region.

3,000 music students have applied for Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic.
1,000 musicians have been educated by Kristjan Järvi and his team.
70,000 enthusiastic concert-goers have experienced BYP over:
70 concerts in 12 countries and 18 renowned music festivals.

This is the success story of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic since 2008. The two are the only orchestras bringing together young professional musicians and music students from all ten Baltic Sea countries. Also thanks to your support and enthusiasm, they have been able to become established ambassadors of the Baltic Sea region.

Your donation makes a difference

The training of young students is not possible without the enthusiasm and support of music lovers. We would therefore like to invite and encourage you to become a sponsor for one or more musician to enable them to be educated in the Baltic Sea Music Academy. With your donation, you contribute towards our mission to enable students from across the Baltic Sea region to play music together and transform with innovation and passion into a whole community.

For their kind donation in 2016, Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation would particularly like to thank 

Maximilian Hofmann, MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA
Heike Mackenbach and Jens Lange
Jens D. Müller

Would you also like to support Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation?

Our bank details:
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Account holder: Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation e.V.
IBAN: DE59 5875 1230 0032 4259 69

A donation receipt of your sponsorship contributions for submission to the tax office is possible.